Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 39: Old Friends

I've been catching up with old friends and going on walks and runs around new tracks. Chris Parvin is as fun and inspiring as ever, full of schemes and restless movement. It's hard to pin him down or get him to stand still for long enough to take a photo - but I finally managed.
Jo and I are still kept entertained by 'Happy Hour' at Brazz on the Green
Even on an overcast day, Lake Hayes is stunning. The new encircling walkway shows off its charms.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 38: Macetown and Chester

Last weekend we went out to Macetown. Him Outdoors ran there and I rode my rusty mountain bike. The track follows the river as it rushes bright and cold over the stones and down the gorge. The trees which line the banks are bare and vulnerable, ready to burst into bud, and the mountains are brilliant in the background.

The water pipe is a great feat of engineering and dedication - the strong iron tubes carried the water from the hills down the gorge to supply Arrowtown below during the Gold Rush. After the flood of 1999 the old pipe was restored and the rusting holes sealed for the irrigation scheme to be used once more. A monument of stone, iron and rusting billy cans marks the herculean endeavours of the men who built it.

Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern for Chester. He is recovering well from his vet visit and is back to his 'normal' self - chewing cardboard boxes and curling up on his favourite blanket.

These beautiful irises and freisas are part of my commitment to have fresh flowers in the house.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 37: Rediscovering Arrowtown

One of the delights of returning to a place you used to live is exploring to see if things are still the same - recognition of the old and acknowldegment of the new. For the past week I have been strolling about reflecting on the essence of the town.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 36: Travelling South

It is spring in Canterbury and we stayed with friends in Lyttleton.

They were very proud of their handiwork and home improvements, so we had a tour of the wrap-around deck.

The writing on the wall of the daughter's playhouse is not quite as professional.

We went for a delightful walk in the Port Hills looking back over the dazzling Lyttleton Harbour.

Later, our drive took us towards the Southern Alps and Lake Tekapo, where the Church of the Good Shepherd stands sentinel on the aquamarine shores. Tekapo holds a special place in my heart as this is where Him Outdoors and me got engaged, overcome by the sheer beauty of the view.

The view across Lake Hayes is simply spectacular and I would have to say it is my favourite view in all New Zealand. The weather was calm and magnificent, welcoming us back to Central Otago. This is why we returned.