Saturday, March 26, 2011

12: Fun, Festivals & Family

The colours are starting to turn as autumn arrives - our clocks go back next weekend and in the meantime, I am enjoying the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

A walk alongside the old Arrow Irrigation Pipe reveals a rich tinge to the trees while tourists pan for 'the colour' in the bottom of the river.

Another of the benefits of autumn is the fact that it is harvest festival time. Food and wine are abundant, and there are plentiful celebrations of this fact. We attended one in Gibbston Valley with some friends.

A visit from the Borneo branch of the family involved walks and wineries - starting with our perennial favourite: Lake Hayes.

After all that exercise it's off to Brennan Wines for tastings and a quick game of petanque.

An outing to Glenorchy presented stunning vistas of Lake Wakatipu and then a walk up the Rees Valeey to the Invincible Mine where remants of equipment point to older days.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

11: Motatapu 2011

Last weekend, Him Outdoors and running partner CJD set off to defend their title of Motatapu Adventure Run winners. This meant they had to race 49km with 2,790m climb, while a select crew (that's us and a helicopter pilot) flew above the beautiful tussock-clad peaks to support them.

We took our support duties seriously - look, we even have pom-poms!

Those little dots weaving their way up Rose's Saddle are our boys, so we did the decent thing and stopped to cheer them on.

It was very exciting as they emerged from the mist in the lead.

What did Rose do here to have this saddle named after her, we wondered?

And then they were off, disappearing into the landscape...

The second team crested the hill seven minutes later, and yes, she is towing him up on a bungy cord.

The cloud cover burned off and the day turned out to be a hot one as we continued to follow their progress from above.

We stopped again for the serious business of a picnic lunch - a platter from the Mediterranean market and a couple of bottles of bubbles - otherwise known as 'still life with pom-pom'.

Oh yes, and there are the boys, struggling away through the river crossings but still in the lead. We cheered on the next three teams as well - we are thinking of setting up a business; Pom-poms and Paparazzi. What do you think?

Back in the big bird...

One more quick supporting stop before heading back to the finish line.

Him Outdoors and CJD crossed the line in first place, successfully defending their title. They were exhausted with probably a touch of heat stroke, but thrilled to be finished. I'm sure we're all very proud of them and happy to have another great day!