Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jindabyne: Lake Light Sculptures

We went to Jindabyne for the weekend and it just so happened to coincide with an outdoor sculpture exhibition called Lake Light. This is held each Easter weekend apparently, and the sculptures are lit up at night, which presents them in a completely new and different light, as it were.

The real reason we were there was to climb Mount Kosciuszko, Australia's highest peak (more of which in a later post). It was named by Pawel Strzelecki, a Polish explorer and geologist, who conducted gological and mineralogical surveys at the request of the Governor of New South Wales.

In 1839 he set out on an expedition to the Australian Alps and explored the Snowy Mountains,climbing the highest peak in 1940. He named it in honour of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a national hero of Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and the United States who fought in the Polish uprising against Russia, and in the America Revolution.

Statue of Pawel Strzelecki
Meanwhile, here are pictures of the Lake Light scupltures, by day and night.

Birdwatchers by Jesse Graham
Stacks of Light by Mandy Lamont
Winner of the ANU Prize: Don't Forget About Me by Ben Eyles
Hoppy by Gary Rae
Jaws in Jindy by Gary Rae
"I'm told by arty types that what I do is 'minimalistic art where I engange the negative sections with the outlines clearly speaking for themselves'... whatever that means" - Gary Rae

Moonlight on Lake Jindabyne by Mother Nature
These two pieces are 'just' benches, incorporating the local corroboree frog in the vibrant mosaics, and the snowboard for you to 'park your arts'. Not part of the exhibition, they are among my favourite works!

Kelly's Wardrobe by Jesse Graham
Winner of the Youth Award: Rainbow Trout by Travis Woodbridge
Winner of the Major Award: Evolution by Jesse Graham
Raziels Key by Petra Levy
Limbo by Todd Costa
Winner of the Encouragement Award: School of Fishes by Braidwood Central School
The Snake Catcher by Steve Croquett
Winner of the Waste to Art Award: Discus by Jade and Ian Webster
Urban Plant Life by Dylan Brown
1871 Canardly-Goza by Richard Nutt
Snowy Spirit by Snowy River Men's Shed (my favourite)

Winner of the People's Choice Award and the Illumination Award: In My Garden by Michael Scott Lees
Cockatoos on Town Sculpture by David Doyle
Song and Dance by Jesse Graham
Common Thread by Victoria Bitter
Skool 'This' by Craig Burrell
No Time by Garry McClelland