Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week Thirty-Five: Half a World Away

Driving up to Christchurch airport we pass Lake Dunstan. It is cold, still, and clear. I am not going to see conditions like this for a while, so I whip out the camera kerbside and snap a few scenic shots.

Singapore airport is hot and steamy and in the butterfly house there is a lot of feeding and breeding going on. I have to wait for my lens to demist.

In Marlow, walks with family take us along the river, through the woods and into pubs - funny that.

Of course, we linger to reminisce by Bisham Church where we got married eight years ago.

I've always loved haybales, or Dougals as they are more familiarly known. There is something about their symmetry and shape which feels very picturesque - although I'm not so keen on seeing them in their black plastic body bags.

Marlow Church, bridge and lock look stunning in the morning light.

I once read a novel by Colette in which a character who grew up by the Marne says that he thought Marne was the word for river - I understood how he felt. The Thames was my river; it underlined my childhood like a wavy blue/green highlighter.

We had our wedding reception at Court Garden, although the statue of Sir Steven wasn't there then - I think it makes a pretty good addition.

Whenever Him Outdoors sees Chiltern stone buildings on the TV dramas, he helpfully points out, 'That's Round Your Way'. He's right; here is a fine example of said stone.
And here are my neiblings (a nice combined word for neices and nephews) playing at Burnham Beeches (they were fine after the initial shock that it wasn't 'that sort of beach'. How young is too young to know the word homonymn, do you think?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week Thirty-Four: Happy Families

Last weekend some friends came to visit from Wellington. Actually, they're from Ireland but we met them in Wellington. Himself is holding the baby (known as Squidge Bot Poo-Pants to avoid copyright), Herself enjoys a drink, and they all pose for a lovely Family Portrait - the only time you can take pictures of children is when they're alseep - otherwise they're just too wriggly!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Week Thirty-Three: Dedication

It's cold and dark and icy when Him Outdoors gets home, but he still needs to do his cycling miles in preparation for the World Duathlon Championships. So, he's rigged himself up a DVD player in the garage and he watches re-runs of Le Tour as he pedals away on his turbo trainer. Now that's dedication (or possibly insanity - I'm not sure which.)

Meanwhile, Chester is somewhat less active - as you can see.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Week Thirty-Two: Remarkable(s)!

These are the Remarkables as they look in winter when the sun starts to go down. Oh, yes they are. Cecil Peak is pretty impressive too.