Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 21: A wet week

It's been very wet and windy here this week. The swells and the waves have been high and you wouldn't want to be trying to cross the Cook Strait on a ferry - or a plane for that matter.

The only options are to look for places to stay dry...

...or to stay inside and do some baking.

Still, it's good for the flowers.

And someone is, as usual, unperturbed.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 20: South Island road trip

A combination of work and pleasure took me down to the South Island last week. Among the pleasurable activities was a book club meeting with old friends where we laughed so much I couldn't hold the camera straight.

The township of Lumsden in a rare break from the rain was more in the work vein, although I did manage to indulge in a Jimmy's pie. Made in Roxburgh, these are the best pies in the country for my money (which is as good, although not as plentiful, as anybody's, apparently). And they sponsor the Roxburgh duathlon which I once won - my finest sporting achievement - receiving a health-conscious pie and can of Speights for my efforts.
Why don't sheep shrink in the rain? It's not a joke; it's a genuine question.

Clyde is full of rustic features...

...and not much else. This is the bustling main street.

Even the fruit stalls aren't manned, but there is an honesty box for the apples. And they are very tasty apples!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 19: Coastal walkway

A walk along the coast and over the tops produces some dramatic views.

Him Outdoors does his best impression of a band-member-on-an-album-cover-staring- enigmatically-off-into-the-distance, despite the obvious presence of very un-rock-n-roll-like freshly-squeezed orange juice and berry smoothie from Scorch-o-Rama.

The decor is not particularly rock-n-roll either.

It may be bright and sunny but Scorching Bay isn't very scorching today.

When crazy people build homes on top of hills in Wellington, they need a way to access them. There are little private cable cars all over this coast.

Him Outdoors makes me take this photo for a Forest fan we know (you know who you are) to prove there are some other reds in the neighbourhood.

Not to be outdone, he reckons these claret and blue hydrangeas are clearly planted by a Burnley fan. I reckon he may be pushing it just a tad.

The view from the top, looking back over Seatoun...

... and the other way over the oddly named Worser Bay. Worser than what?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week 18: Judging the lemons

The weather has been terrible this week and I have been busy with theatrical exploits - both viewing and rehearsing, so I have not been out and about much with my camera. Fortunately, our lemon tree is cleverly providing fruit for my gin at just the right time.

With the recession, there is much talk of redundancy, especially among the government sector. As you can see from this picture, we all have to write our predicted projects up on the whiteboard of shame, but there's nothing a quirky little monkey and an inflatable red dog can't cheer up, apparently.

One of the people I met on my interviewing circuit this week was the Prinicipal Youth Court Judge, Andrew Becroft. What an amazing man he is; aware of his responsibilty to young people and the important role that he can play in their future. While he believes they should be supported by their family, friends and community, he also maintains they must be held accountable for their actions.

He says, "If you think being a judge is hard work, you should try refereeing Wellington suburban soccer." Apparently he receives far more abuse from parents on the sidelines of his son's football matches than he ever does from defendants in the dock!