Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 20: South Island road trip

A combination of work and pleasure took me down to the South Island last week. Among the pleasurable activities was a book club meeting with old friends where we laughed so much I couldn't hold the camera straight.

The township of Lumsden in a rare break from the rain was more in the work vein, although I did manage to indulge in a Jimmy's pie. Made in Roxburgh, these are the best pies in the country for my money (which is as good, although not as plentiful, as anybody's, apparently). And they sponsor the Roxburgh duathlon which I once won - my finest sporting achievement - receiving a health-conscious pie and can of Speights for my efforts.
Why don't sheep shrink in the rain? It's not a joke; it's a genuine question.

Clyde is full of rustic features...

...and not much else. This is the bustling main street.

Even the fruit stalls aren't manned, but there is an honesty box for the apples. And they are very tasty apples!

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