Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week 34: Moving house

When I came to write down a list of the things I needed to make sure that I packed, I thought it sounded rather poetic, and almost representative of a 30-something life. When I came to actually do it, I found the reality rather more prosaic, as these words and pictures prove:

Hat and glove box
Tolietries drawer
Piles of papers, carefully organised
Rolled up tights and pairs of socks
Filing cabinet full of receipts for competitions entered and draws never won
Perilous towers of books in order of to-be-read
Wardrobe of clothes, four to a hanger, that might fit again some day
Packets of unidentified powders and spices lurking in the cupboards
Whatever is concealed beneath the blue tarpaulin on the patio
Random bits and pieces of outdoor equipment


  1. Where are you moving to?? Back to Queenstown?? Has Spaz changed jobs??
    Glad to see Extremely Loud made your to-be-read cut.

  2. Yes, we are moving back to Arrowtown to live in our own house again. He is doing a similar thing with different people and I am doing a similar thing with some of the same people but in a different place.

    Actually, 'Extremely Loud...' is third on the list, but other things keep sneaking on top. And now that I've put it in a box, who knows when I'll get around to reading it?

  3. Well, good luck with the rest of the move. I don't envy poor Chester. I doubt I still have your old postal address. Would you email it when you have a chance, please??

    Weather gorgeous and hot here. We'll be getting out the sprinklers and the kiddie pool today for sure.