Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 44: Happy Halloween!

At Jo and Grant's most excellent Halloween/birthday party, there were witches and pirates and characters from Willow and Harry Potter. I think we scared the children who arrived trick-or-treat-ing.

Of course the food was all themed (and delicious), from the fabulous Jack-o-lanterns carved into peppers, to the bread baked in the shape of a broomstick, and the plated corpses, made from kumara bodies, potato heads, carrot and asparagus limbs, coleslaw brains and chilli innards. The strategically-placed kidney beans were a particularly nice touch.

And, naturally, there were Halloween games. The young and the foolish (yes, that's Him Outdoors) participated in the apple bobbing, while others looked on in bemusement.

The wrapping the mummy game was fun, and a totally frivolous use of toilet rolls. One blindfolded person had to mummify their partner with much resulting hilarity.

After all the games and food, we sat by the fire and told each other scary stories. 'Twas the bewitching hour, after all.

This tale clearly didn't score very highly on the scary-o-meter. But good fun was had by all. Thanks and many happy returns to our fabulous hosts.

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