Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week Sixteen: The United Colours of Arrowtown

We have such definite seasons in Arrowtown. Now the autumn brings frost in the morning, clear, crisp skies, rustling colourful leaves, and sunshine with showers. When the sun rises it warms the cold fence and creates clouds of steam in the back garden.

Here is the quintessential view of the Arrowtown miners' cottages at different times of day.
Other historic buildings look equally alluring at the moment.

The trees in their variety of shades provide the united colours of Arrowtown.

The views from the cenotaph are simply stunning.

And there are rich pickings to be found in the trees. 


  1. Great shots of that little birdie! Wow! You must have been psyched to have them come out so crisp and clear.

    Am feeling a little frustrated with myself and my camera recently. It's just not taking photos the way I'm seeing them through the viewfinder. Guess I need to spend a little more time studying.

  2. The sparrow was fun and a total show-off. I am finding that patience really is a virtue when it comes to photography. Short walks can take hours and I don't have small people to interrupt me and get bored (although Him Outdoors does whine occasionally...).

    I'm looking at investing in a tripod so I can take more close-up images without camera shake - the problem is I may have to rob the holiday fund!

    Kate x

  3. Hhmm, patience...what's that?? But it's definitely a virtue when it comes to photography, I can see that.

    I think a tripod would be the perfect next accessory; and they're not that expensive. And don't raid the vacation fund! Might I suggest a few less dinners at Amisfield?! : )