Monday, May 24, 2010

Week Twenty-one: Steaming!

Our walk around Lake Hayes this week was misty as the cold air steamed in the morning sun.

Afterwards at the Walnut Cottage we had coffee while the Mischievous Minx held a conversation with her dopey dog. He doesn't look too impressed.

At the weekend I did a 10km run at Jack's Point. The series continues throughout the winter, which gives me something on which to focus and attempt to maintain some fitness. I believe in the theory that the first race in a series shuold be a benchmark and you can only improve form there. Let's hope so! Anyway, no matter what the 'racing' form is like, the scenery is stunning as always - this may be one of the most picturesque finishing chutes ever (apart from my big fat arse obliterating the view!)

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