Saturday, January 15, 2011

2: Sevens

Queenstown hosted the Pub Charity National Sevens and there was not a cloud in the sky - that's a parapenter you can see to the side of the posts.

The action was fast and furious with lots of fit men chasing up and down the field and trying to get the ball from one end to the other without being clattered - that's the object, basically for the uninitiated.

The final was between Taranaki (in yellow tops) and Auckland (blue and white hoops). If you're interested Auckland won 36-26.
It was a very hot day, and there was a variety of headgear on display.

Now, that's what I call branding! Three stars are the emblem of Speights, the local beer (I use that word in a loose sense - it is brown and fizzy and it tastes vile). This girl clearly has a taste for all things tacky as she has tattooed herself with a marketing motif. Body art, it ain't.

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