Saturday, July 2, 2011

25: The Big Guns!

We are still waiting for the snow to come. Coronet Peak has 211 snow guns which, when the temperature is right, are pumping out as much snow as they can, but it's just not falling from the sky yet.

Mardi Gras is always a fun night - the mulled wine helps! Here are the Queenstown Ukulele Orchestra strumming their stuff. I've not got the equipment or the expertise to take sharp pictures in dim conditions, but I like the pretty effects the lights make!

Once Polly finished on stage she was able to relax and enjoy the atmoshpere with Ross. The prevention of cold ears is a good reason for wearing ridiculous headgear.

I'm not sure there is any excuse for this...

Shane Cortese and the Class of 58 were entertaining and professional. I liked the next band too, although I didn't catch their name.

As I said, mulled wine helps...

Meanwhile, Scarey Sis sent me this 'smugshot' of her at Centre Court at Wimbledon waiting for Nadal...

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