Saturday, August 20, 2011

32: Alternative transport

I went for a walk with a couple of friends (The Fudge Princess and the Mischievous Minx plus her dopey dog) around Lake Hayes. It was a beautiful winter's day with blue sky, white mountains and still waters.

The Fudge Princess, Mischievous Minx and her Dopey Dog pose for a photo
What a difference a day makes, indeed! We were snowed in the next day. It was only a foot or so of snow, but impossible to drive on the roads without a 4WD or snow chains. We have since purchased the latter (we haven't got a spare $20,000 for the former).

I almost expect Mr Tumnus to make an appearance...
And so I went skiing, as you do, around the streets of Arrowtown to stock up on essentials such as milk, bread and mulled wine. I skied up and down the hills...

---and 'hid' behind a tree.

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