Saturday, September 3, 2011

34: Queenstown Beer Festival

The Queenstown Beer Festival is certainly better than it used to be. There were a few breweries with their beers on offer, including the Arrow Brewery and Moa. The oompah band was ok and didn't force you to join in as much as it used to; the covers' band were excellent with music ranging from The Kinks and The Jam to The Strokes and Oasis, via The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The drummer was 'very relaxed' and I was very impressed.

The atmosphere was light and warm (rather than the dark chilly marquee we have been crammed into before) and, by the end of the evening, it started to feel like a real festival, although more craft beers and knowledgable local brewers would not go amiss.

Him Outdoors seems to like his beer (yes, that's a 'like' face)
And it's thumbs up from the Dairy Queen

I think this is one of the Moa boys

And this is another

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