Saturday, November 12, 2011

44: WWWBC 10th Anniversary Outing

Our book-club tenth anniversary was celebrated with wine and petanque.

The Wakatipu Wild Women's Book Club
We all went to Brennan Wines where we wine-tasted. It tasted good, so we had some more.

And then we played petanque for Lupin, our gnomic mascot who is hotly fought over each year in a variety of challenges (we have previously 'won' him in mini golf and snooker competitions). It began with the heats...

As the Dairy Queen prepares to bowl, the Mischievous Minx pulls her supportive face
As oposed to this one...
It didn't work for Jonny Wilkinson this time round either
And so to the semi-finals.

Petanque technique or Eric Morecambe impression?
And then the serious business of the final when the crows went wild.

The Dairy Queen makes the grand presentation to Crazy Legs Crane
And this is the miniature object of intense rivalry!

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