Saturday, December 3, 2011

47: Winery Weekend

Him Outdoors was off call for the weekend. This doesn't happen often, but we had not made any plans to do anything or go anywhere, so we fell back on our default option - visiting local wineries.

We walked along the Gibbston River Trail and then visited The Winehouse and Kitchen where the staff are almost unbelieveably friendly. They chatted with us about their wines and then lead us through to the 'secret garden' where we sat in the sunshine enjoying a glass of chilled 2008 Rock Ferry Viognier.

The next day we headed out to Mt Difficulty where we met some friends for a tasting and a long lunch. I had the 'Harissa rubbed pork belly on sumac bulgur wheat with a chickpea, eggplant, yoghurt, lime & coriander salad' which was utterly excellent accompanied by a glass or two of the pinot gris. Him Outdoors had the 'Duck slow-roasted in Pinot Noir with raspberry & cassis sauce, broccolini, gorgonzola cheese & cashew nuts' which looked sublime and was apparently perfectly suited to the pinot noir.

As we sat and imbibed, a helicopter buzzed over the vineyards looking down at the setting, before the passengers phoned down and asked if there was any tables free for lunch. They were accommodated and came down from the sky to join us. It really is that heavenly.

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