Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back Down South

Dad had suggested an afternoon tea somewhere (very cute of him to ask mum, "Do you think Katie might like...?") I did like. Very much. We had pots of tea and plates of sandwiches and fancy tarts at the Compleat Angler, looking at the river as it flowed past, although we weren't seated on the terrace as it began to rain. It really was a most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Mum is overwhelmed by the tea tray
Dad plays peek-a-boo with the scones
The company is great and the view's not bad either.

All Saints' Church, Marlow
Dad at the Compleat Angler
Dinner with friends at Cousin Rachael's place was a lovely way to spend an evening.

Our Man in London with the little person
Family portrait
Cousin Rachael and I went to see Henry V at The Globe. I will write more about this spectacular performance, but here are a few pictures of the venue. As we were groundlings (standing in the yard for $5) our pre-show drinks of Pimm's and cider cost more than our tickets. For some reason this amused me.

The Globe Theatre
Cousin Rachael checks out the programme
We ended up with a lovely walk from Marlow to Turville. The Chiltern Hills are absolutley gorgeous!

Looking back at Marlow
Dad and Cousin Rachael in the leafy lanes
Half-time refreshments at the Prince Albert
The windmill at Turville

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  1. Thanks for the lovely pics, Kate. Brings back memories of when I used to do the teas at the Compleat Angler! We used to scoff all of the leftover cakes and pastries in the kitchen after we brought them in. Your parents clean up so well! Don't think I've ever seen your dad in a tie except at your wedding.

    And Robin looks like such the proud papa. So glad everyone's doing well.