Monday, January 18, 2016

Cooking and Brewing

For reasons which are far too complex to explain (she's insane), Calamity Sue has found herself catering a French themed event for 45 people. She's actually very good at this sort of stuff, even with my 'help'. 
Beef Bourguignon
Calamity Sue stirring the pot in her active wear
Chopping the onions in fetching eyewear
Warding off vampires
Lemon chicken casserole
Meanwhile Him Outdoors, not to be outdone, is brewing in the garage; milling grains on his home-constructed device, on his morning off work.

Him Outdoors milling grains for Manuka Smoked Porter
Chester had lost his name-tag, so he has received a new one - in Liverpool red of course. He looks mighty handsome, of course.
Lord Chester

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