Monday, February 29, 2016

Leisure Time

Calamity Sue and I had a day off together and spent it wisely, by going for lunch at Poachers Pantry.

Calamity Sue at Poachers Pantry

After we'd eaten a fine selection of meats and cheeses, we walked around the vegetable patch. That's a balanced diet, you know.

Spiky cucumber and spotted ladybird
Calamity Sue: she knows her onions. And her leeks. And her runner beans.
Red hot chili peppers
Purple beans
Red earth
Dandelion sculptures by Al Phemister

The next day I cycled around the neighbourhood, getting to know it a little better by checking out the cul-de-sacs and bus-stops.

And then met up with Calamity Sue again and went out to Adore Tea. They do lovely pots of tea, but also tea-inspired cocktails. I had a White Peach G & Tea (gin; tonic; white peach tea syrup), while Calamity Sue had a Turkish Apple Schmapple (vodka; Turksh apple chunky tea syrup; lemonade; fresh apple).

Calamity Sue at Adore Tea

Later in the week I had a Very Important Visitor - Nephew Aidan was on a school trip to Canberra (seeing Parliament, the National Gallery of Australia, Museums, Archives and his aunty!). The school has a packed itinerary of events for them to attend, but they also had a free evening, so I took him to Guild.

They do finger food (pizza; antipasti; arancini balls; etc.) so that you can play board games uninterrupted. They have a great selection and cater for all ages. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable and the 'guild masters' will recommend new games and explain the rules so there really is something for everyone. 

I had a lovely evening, playing games and chatting to Nephew Aidan, and we went for ice-cream afterwards.

Nephew Aidan at Guild, playing Mr Jack
At the weekend, the Old Canberra Inn was holding a Battle of the Brewers between 3 Ravens Brewery and Van Dieman Brewing. They contrasted five beers from each brewery and punters voted for their favourite in each round and the winner overall. 

The Samurai Catfish is a most peculiar beverage, based on a dry-hopped gose style (salty, sour German wheat beer) and including ingredients such as Yuzu (Japanese citrus), wasabi, katsuobushi (dries, fermented and smoked skipjack tuna), komb (kelp) and shiitake mushrooms.  Did I mention it was odd? It was also very tasty, perhaps surprisingly so.

Round Two of the Battle of the Brewers

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