Monday, April 4, 2016

Coming home

We stayed in Orange for an extra day so that we could go to Badlands Brewery and The Agrestic Grocer. It was worth it; beautifully fresh ingredients in delicious breakfasts, and washed down with excellent beers, when the licensing hours allowed.

Creamed leeks and mushrooms with poached eggs and truffle oil
The tasting tray 
Look how much Him Outdoors loves it when I take his photo

And these are the fruits of our trip to Orange!

Back to cycling around the local district on my mountain bike, I noticed it has got a touch cooler and autumn is clearly on the way.

Umbagong District Park

I'm really no good at these things, but the emotion was there, when I created this work for my friend who directed me in Gaslight last year. I sat on stage every night as the curtain went up, plying my needle in a cross stitch, which the stage crew unpicked at the end of each show so that I could do it all again the next night. 

I gave it to her when we met up for coffee and cake, and she certainly seemed to appreciate it. So perhaps she's as good an actor as she is a director!

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