Monday, May 16, 2016

Stay or Go?

Winter is coming, so, as you see, Chester is all curled up in his box, preparing himself for the cold.

We've got some bottles of Cantillon in the shop. This is rare and wonderful, so I have bought a set to enjoy at my leisure...

I know a lady who decorates cakes for a living and teaches others how to do likewise. This is a prototype of one she made earlier.

We're heading off to Melbourne for Good Beer Week, so we made it halfway (to Beechworth) and went to Bridge Road, to start as we intend to continue.

We stayed at the George Kerferd Hotel. This beautiful building used to be an asylum until 1995. It is surrounded by trees and with acres of land for the inmates to cultivate their own vegetables and produce, with the idea that the institution would be self-sufficient. 

The information booklet explains that "restraint practices - applied either through the wearing of straight jackets or placement into isolation cages - were the main form of rehabilitation provided". Two signatures were required to commit a person, but eight to release them, so most people who went in never came out. Despite the extremely large and comfy king-sized bed, I felt a little anxious, but relieved when we hit the road again the next morning.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, anyone?
Laughing Kookaburra
Someone can fly away... 

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