Monday, December 26, 2016

Hanging out at Christmas

When you work in a bottle shop, it is inevitable that your Christmas 'do' will involve booze, kicking off at The Durham Castle Arms.

Next stop was the BentSpoke brewing and canning facility at Mitchell, where Richard Watkins and Tracey Margrain showed us around their shiny bling factory while we drank a couple of cans.

Richard pouring out crankshaft fresh from the tank
A view from the bridge
We continued to dinner at The Old Canberra Inn

For Him Outdoors' real birthday, he went out with some friends. I met them after work and it looked like they had been having a good time.

Friends celebrating Him Outdoors' birthday
Despite a massive hailstorm (with hailstones so large they cracked my windscreen as I drove home from work), the weather cleared to be bright and beautiful on Christmas Day.

We were very kindly invited round to friends' for Christmas dinner.

Dinner with The Luminosity and family
This is the Big Tiger fighting the Fire Dragon, apparently
Christmas Day visitors
Back at home in the evening we bothered the cat and read our Christmas books.

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