Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week 3: Colour is good for you

Emily Buttle is an amazing woman who directs and manages the Empress Stiltdance Company. She describes herself as a ‘large-scale spectacular performance artist’ and here she is standing beside her stilts in her studio. Her dream is 'to fill the world with colour, light and a gorgeous feminine energy that can bring something beautiful to the lives of many'. Who could argue with that and not sound churlish?

There's just something about a yellow and blue colour combination that can't help but make me smile. We painted our kitchen in these colours when we lived in Sumner and it really did make things brighter. Shame about the power lines, but I don't believe in using photoshop or any other digital enhancements. I would like my images to reflect the visual truth - telecommunication warts and all.
The Botanic Gardens are the jewel in Wellington's crown and this week the featured flowers are fuschias. Numerous varieties of pink, purple, white and red flourish in the flowerbeds. I love these firework-style flowers as they shoot for the stars but fall back down to earth.

Another amazing woman - this time Katrina Baylis who moonlights as Fairy Trina. She's from Palestine with a degree in international politics, and her mission is to keep the magic and wonder alive in children's imaginations for as long as possible. She entertains children at parties and festivals - they love her and ask for her autograph and a cuddle at the end of each session. She says, 'I really am blessed because I get that view of life that adults lose – innocence, magic and love. I can completely be myself on a very basic level and I really enjoy that'.

I just love this sign outside the local Seatoun dairy. For those not native to New Zealand, a dairy is a corner-shop, and L&P is a high-sugar fizzy lemonade-style drink. Other signs outside advertise pies and ice-creams; a sweet as Kiwi diet.

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