Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 4: Freedom, friends and football

Last weekend after our beer festival, I took photos of the bottles and arranged them in winning order (Jenning's Sneck Lifter, spearheading this format, was the overall favourite). I soon discovered that it is very difficult to take pictures of that much glass reflecting in the sun, so I ended up placing them on an old wine barrel and allowing the sunlight to filter through a lattice fence. I felt this gave a slightly dappled effect and a focus of light and interest. By the way, the beer was good. Read about it on Kate's blog.

I met a new friend on my travels - he was very cute and inquisitive. White cats have a particularly hard time in New Zealand and often suffer from skin cancer, so many of their human companions rub suncream into their ears. I quote again from my cat book - "You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats." - Colonial American proverb

I passed this protest in the high street - the traffic was stopped and the police were escorting. It all seemed pretty peaceful, unlike the situation in Gaza.
Ursula Gabriele Gschwendtner is a performing artist who uses the art of sacred clowning to explore feelings and emotions. She suggests "We wouldn't have all these wars if people had a connection to their heart. They couldn't send tanks into Gaza or whatever. Masculine energy is ruining our planet."

I know this is not an especially good photograph, but when I saw this image in a shop window I was amused - partly because the strips are on sale, but also because who would buy both at the same time?

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