Monday, April 6, 2009

Week14: The Show Goes On

Being as I have spent the last week in the Gryphon Theatre performing in Necessary Targets it makes sense to show you the set and all its details. Here is our little slice of Bosnia - a refugee camp where we drank a lot of 'mad thick coffee.'

'Took me days to convince most of these women that beauty still matters. I think Azra's stopped bathing altogether.'

'I think it's insulting to pretend to be living in these conditions. You'll excuse me, but I need the little comforts. I welcome a bath, clean sheets, and a place to sit to... poop.'

'These women need those same comforts. They had them all before the war.'

'Have you ever noticed a sardine? It's not a fish, really. It's a thing that grows in a can. It no longer has any connection to being alive. It hardly remembers sun or sky or water. Covered in oil, in scum. It survives on the memory of all of these things. It survives on the closeness to the other sardines. Sardines/refugines. Or is it survivng? Are we surviving?'

'My name is Jelena. We are very honoured that you Americans came all the way here.' Each night we wore name tags which we removed as we came off stage and stuck on the nearest pillar. By the end of the season it was festooned with sticky buds.

Cast and crew supplied a never-ending bowl of sugar in the form of sweets. I didn't like the pineapple lumps, but I have to confess to being a big fan of the jet planes. They kept us going.

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