Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 13: Flora and fauna

Chester doesn't know this, but he 'posed' (or rather snoozed) through a modelling session. This is his best shot...

And this is one of Wellington's best shots - from the top of the cable car at the Botanic Gardens looking back over the city and the harbour.

We went to the gardens because I was missing deciduous trees and wanted to see some colourful leaves. Here are some:

There were also some beautiful flowers, as you would expect. I'm no botanist, so here's a sample of some 'pretty plants':

This (below) is an agave attenuata. I know that because it said so on a sign next to it. I think it looks like a giant artichoke.

And this is a butterfly on a cactus plant. I know that because I know what a butterfly looks like and it was in the cactus garden. So that's this week's flora and fauna!

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  1. great shot of Wellington, Kate. It could be used in a tourism brochure!