Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 24: Martinborough

Last weekend we made up for the previous lack of activity and headed over to Martinborough for a day and a half. As you can see, we were extremely active.
We stayed at Haythornthwaite Cottage (Him Outdoors likes the name) which has its own vineyard attached.
Unfortunately that was closed for tastings, but we didn't have too far to look for other fruits from the vines.

All that wine tasting can take it's toll - the next day we headed out to the windswept coast of Cape Palliser to clear a few cobwebs.
The brisk walk up the (250) very steep steps to the lighthouse certainly kicked us back into action.
Our new friends are wary of us, but then, they have other fish to fry...

...such as sleeping, posing, courting and fighting - just like a night on Courtenay Place.

The fence at Ngawi is decorated with buoys, which is a much prettier sight than the manky bras at Cardrona.

The tractors and graders sit by waiting to haul the fishing boats in and out of the sea.

I wonder if this one spear-tackles them into the water.

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