Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 28: Of cats and cake

I heard that as cats grow older, the muscles in their paws tire and they loose the ability to withdraw their claws. Apparently this is why it hurts when grizzled cats knead your lap. Or it may just be because they want to inflinct pain. Chester just wants to inflict big licky kisses. He's a lover, not a fighter.

Le Tour de France is always inspiring. Him Outdoors battles the elements (and the ridicule) to don his lycra and pedal the streets.

I went along to help paint the set at the weekend. We are performing in a school hall and so have only been allowed to build the set since the school holidays. All of our costumes are moved to one side while we wield our paintbrushes and much-needed cups of tea.

Driving back down into town from Khandallah the view was beautiful as the harbour was still. You can tell by the incoming clouds and the ripple on the water, however, that weather is on its way.

I met the girls for a swim in Freyberg Pool followed by cake on Oriental Parade - splash and scoff as it should be named. We went to Beach Babylon where the service was odd - they seemed surprised to have customers, as in, 'Oh look, it's Saturday lunchtime and people are coming here to eat - how strange.' The chocolate brownie and banana cake went down a treat.

Although the caramel slice was not so well received - would you like a chisel with that?

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