Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 40: Spring snow

Less than two days after I posted on Kate's blog about how much I love Spring flowers, it snowed in Arrowtown and the poor delicate little blooms got a pasting of the white stuff.

There's a certain feeling when you wake up with snow falling outside. The light is simultaneously flat and bright and it is so still and quiet as the large flakes flutter down. Chester was singularly unimpressed, tucking his nose under his paws and wrapping his tail tightly around his little body, but I was leaping up to grab my camera and a cup of coffee and take photos. And, believe me, not much gets me leaping up in the morning.

Remember when you were a kid and it snowed and everyone raced to the windows going, 'It's snowing; it's snowing!' and after a while the teacher made you sit back down again, saying, 'Come on everybody, back to work - it's only snow' but they were as excited as you were but just better at hiding it? Well, I still feel like that and so I phoned my sister in Wellington, whom I knew would be jealous, and then we went out for a walk into town.

And although the light is flat and oyster grey, the sharp almost monochromatic lines and shapes create a pearl of an image.

What better time to take in the views up Sawpit Gully...

...and Tobin's Track, from the top of which we can see the whole of Arrowtown, including our house. Him Outdoors says you can see whether or not we are having a party. Fortunately (because we're not actually there), we're not.

It's cold up here though, so we head home to the fire before the next snow shower closes in.

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