Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 41: Cats and books

I haven't taken many photos this week. I went for a walk up, run down Queenstown Hill and the panoramic views were spectacular but I didn't take my camera - it's too hard to run with. So here are a couple of pictures of Chester - always photogenic on demand.

I'm still unpacking the boxes and, although I was going really well, I've now sort of come to a halt. The problems are - too many pictures; not enough wallspace and too many books; not enough bookcases. Of course, the bookcases reduce the amount of available wallspace so it's actually a double dilemma, or is that quandry?

The upshot is that I have to decide which books to have on display, and which ones to relegate to boxes in the garage. It's a very tough job and is taking a long time. It's like a literary Survivor. Maybe that's what I should do - open it up to the vote! Atkinson or Atwood; Tolstoy or Thackeray; Blyton or Rowling?

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