Monday, July 5, 2010

Week Twenty-seven: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Yep, once again, it's beautiful in the Deep South. And cold. We wrap up warm to go walking in the snow. But it's worth it. This is Lake Hayes with the Mischievous Minx, who manages to pick up a dog that doesn't belong to her. He has a phone number on his collar so she texts it to say 'I have walked all round the lake with some nice people and am ready to go home.'

A few days later I trudge through the snow on the hills of the Crown Range with Him Outdoors. I step in the footprints he leaves - the ones that don't sink into the snow-drifts. We have fabulous views over the ski-fields and the misty lakes of the Wakatipu Lakes District. Did I mention it was beautiful?

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