Saturday, March 5, 2011

9: Housewarming Party

Last weekend I visited friends from Gore to attend a warming of their charming new house.

They used to live in a house-bus called Bob, which is now parked in their driveway. I stayed in Bob for my overnight accommodation and though he is lovely and luxurious, I am not sure how they coped in the confined space for five (?) years.

Now they have lots of space, as you can see from the garden shots (I didn't manage to take photos of the party itself, so got soem the next morning). Inside the house, The Dairy Queen has so many cupboards she doesn't know what to do with them, while the Naki Boy is busy brewing beer in the garage.

George the cat was unpeturbed as the West Gorons came to wave me off (she, fetchingly attired in her slippers)


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  1. Naki Boy was in Bob for 10 years and I joined him for five of those years. You learn to live without stuff and to make the most of the space you have. Every time we bought something it was either to completely replace the old item, augment the current item or it had to have two or more uses. Our real luxury was the 32" tele - it replaced the really old, clunky 14" that you needed binoculars to watch! You are George's new favourite photographer, by the way.