Saturday, March 12, 2011

10: Plays, sheds and friends

This would be a perfect example of sisters doing it for themselves, if these ladies were sisters. As it is, the incredibly talented Bad Fairy decided there were no suitable 'plays with music' in which she and her friends could perform - so she wrote one.

She is also directing, producing and starring in Introducing the Sheralees. I took these rehearsal pictures for an advance publicity shoot. (You may also recognise the Mischievous Minx in the photos.) It's looking good. If you're in the area and get along to the Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall between 23rd and 26th March, then don't miss it!

Meanwhile, Him Outdoors is busy building a shed. Apparently every Kiwi bloke needs a shed, and it will be somewhere to chuck all the lift bits, thereby leaving the double garage free for the original intention of storing his bikes... It is 'easy to erect' following 'simple instructions'. Chester is noticeably unimpressed (as always).

Friends came to visit last week. Witch 3 had been caught up in the Christchurch earthquake and needed some time out to relax and collect her thoughts. We had dinner and Him Outdoors entertained everyone by reading Witch 3's daughter's Girlfriend magazine and asking all the important questions, such as 'Why do we like Justin Bieber?' Apparently 'we' don't; 'he's lame'. The sign proclaims, 'Bieber is #1" - she's having nothing to do with it.

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