Friday, May 20, 2011

19: Mists of Milford

A weekend away in Southland and Fiordland was very wet but provided some photographic opportunities nonetheless. Here are some images of the scenery en route from Te Anau to Milford Sound.

This weird-looking valley is Eglington Flat.

This is Lake Gunn - the weird-looking gentleman in the flat cap is Him Outdoors.

The weather closes in on the road to Milford.

The scarily impressive Homer Tunnel hacks through the moutain side. Before it was built, the postman had to climb the saddle to deliver messages to the settlement at Milford. Legend has it that one Christmas he lugged a bicycle over the pass. I hope the recipinet was suitably grateful, even if there was hardly any road on which to ride!

A side-trip takes us to The Chasm where the water wears down the stones, and shining rocks and ferns create curious formations.

It's true that no matter how often you have seen the pictures, nothing prepares you for the majesty of Mitre Peak and Milford Sound. Spectacular in any weather, today the mists and waterfalls add atmospheric grandeur.

On our way back through the Homer Tunnel, I play with the long shutter speed and low lighting to wibbly-wobbly effect.

Him Outdoors has decided we will go for a walk to Lake Marian, even though it is raining heavily. By the time we get back to the car we will be drenched, it will be dark, and there will be thunder and lightning. This a typical outing for Him Outdoors. The track starts along the Hollyford Road and begins alongside the Hollyford River through the dripping green bush to the roar of the Marian Rapids.

Of course, when we got there, Lake Marian in its hanging valley, surrounded by the Darran Mountains, was shrouded in mist and try as we might, there was nothing to see.

Allegedly it is one of the most beautiful vistas in Fiordland, so I googled it. These images are not mine; they are by Kimball Chen and Vincent Morand, respectively (and respectfully). Yep, it's stunning alright. It looks like we'll have to take another trip when it isn't chucking it down. Perhaps, I should be in charge of the planning next time...


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