Saturday, May 28, 2011

20: Egg-citing Stuff!

Him Outdoors sponsors some hens, through a scheme run by Remarkable Vets. The ex-battery hens are rehoused at the clinic, and they begin to find their feet - quite literally.  Having been kept in cages all their life, they are doddery and particualry scatty, often with damaged wings and twisted beaks. But when they start to adapt, they lay eggs occasionally, and these are sold for sponsorship purposes.

The eggs are often as misshapen as the hens themselves, but the yolks are bright yellow and delicious scrambled on toast with avocado and black pepper - which is what we've been having for breakfast recently. I really do love eggs - there's something soothing in the eliptical shape and porous shell which makes for pretty patterns with light.

After a weekend away in Christchurch, we returned to move the furniture around. Some people say 'a change is as good as a holiday' but they are clearly mad. Few things are as good as a holiday, and moving a sofabed and a couple fo tables doesn't quite cut it. Chester still has to check out developments, however.

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