Saturday, January 7, 2012

52: Sky Runs and River Walks

Him Outdoors did the Sky Run, which is one of the many fantastic events organised by Adrian Bailey at ActiveQT. It comprised several different disciplines and lengths - Him Outdoors did the half marathon - four laps around what is a X-country ski run in winter, including an energy sapping 'bog of doom'.

Adrian tiggers people on the start-line
Starting out on the second lap - not looking too bad
Ha! Try telling that to some of these runners!
Heading off on the third lap with a slight spring still
The final lap looks as though it hurts a little
Dad looks bemused by it all
Apparently this is a honeymoon couple who ran around the whole thing together
The winner, looking comfortable
Him Outdoors looking relieved to finish
There were bikers in this race too - here are some of them:

Mark Williams - the winner and the only one to ride up this hill each lap
My parents stayed for a week, and Weevil brought the children to visit for a couple of days. Dad reads a chapter of Harry Potter to Nephew Olaf, who is actually much more interested in it than this picture makes him look.

I promise this photo isn't doctored in any way. The evening light on the hill at the back of our house is absolutely glorious.

It's pretty special during the day too, when I went for a walk by the Arrow River with mum and dad.

Followed of course by an amazing icecream from Patagonia.

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