Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Greed, Glamour and Grudges: Tales of Gold

On the final performance I managed to see the scene I wrote, All that Glisters in full costume. Thank you so much to the actors and to Tiffany, the director, for bringing it to life!

Jason Fullerton picks a couple of 'volunteers' out of the crowd

The gold, silver and lead caskets stand ready on their pedestals

Ailsa Williamson as Portia enters the scene
The Prince of Morocco (Eamonn McNicholas) regards the 'guards'

The Prince of Aragon (Samuel Farr) tries his hand...

...but ends up with a sock puppet
Bassanio (Andrew Edgar) seems to have forgotten his trousers...
...but he still wins the girl

Jane Robertson entertains with 'Goldfinger'

Victoria Keating is 'men's life enhancer'
Director Tiffany Menzies is our gorgeous golden girl

The Barbershop Sextet

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