Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Stuff

Marlow is a beautiful town. It is particularly beautiful early in the morning when the air is calm and clear. Whenever I'm back I take a cup of coffee down to the lock and watch the river folk wake up.

The obligatory shot
My wonderful parents have been married for fifty years; that deserves a party. So they had one. It was a good excuse for a big family gathering, with all of us arriving from around the globe to help celebrate.

Us lot

Mum and Dad with the grandkids
Cake-cutting duties

Another favourite spot to visit is Marlow Common. I took photos of the light filtering through the trees in this gorgeous green-lit world, while the children (and their parents) played hide and seek among the trenches.

These earthworks are training trenches, dug during the First World War, which now provide an entertaining play area. We used to play here when we were children - it's nice to see the next generation doing the same.

The Seeker
Hiding, or an excuse for a nap?
And then it was time for hurtling through the woods on the rope swing.
Nephew Adam

Nephew Olaf
Nephew Aidan
Niece Rachel
Niece Niamh
The super-in-law
Tonton Tweet and Dad play Pete and Dud


  1. Hey there. Thanks for sharing these shots. Curious that it didn't show up in my blog reader 'til today?! (Oct. 5th). Please give your parents my congratulations on their fiftieth. What an accomplishment. And they look so proud and pleased to have everyone all gathered around. Most excellent!

  2. Thanks Pebble,

    It has taken me until now to post them - and then I post-dated to when I should have actually posted them. That will happen a bit over the next few days... I was trying to cheat the system, but of course you noticed!
    Lots of love
    Kate x