Thursday, August 16, 2012

Marathon Viewing

Went into London with various family members to watch the men's Olympic marathon. While Hoggy tried to work out the best place to watch the race, the rest of us amused ourselves.

When we arrived at Paddington, Hoggy told Aidan that if he ran at the wall on the platform it would open up and let him through, as in Harry Potter. Aidan gave him 'the look' and told him not to be so stupid, everyone knows that's at Charring Cross. I'm not quite sure what Hoggy was hoping for.

We sat on the Embankment and watched the runners flash past. Once again, there was a great atmosphere with thousands of people lining the route three-deep and all cheering and waving flags.

Hoggy with London skyline
Scarey Sis and Nephew Aidan
Cousin Rachael
I liked the bank of photographers on the back of a truck focusing their lenses on the lead runners - a bunch of Kenyans and a lone Ugandan who eventually won his country's only medal. We had a couple of Brits competing and they received a resounding response, but there were lots of cheers and support for everyone.

Cousin Rachael commented that she forgot how many non-English people there are in London, particularly at weekends and events - I love London; it's such a cosmopolitan city!

Photographers in action!
Waving the flag(s)

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