Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friends and food

A recent trip back to Arrowtown proved to be not all about business, as I managed to catch up with some good friends and family.

The Welsh Wordsmith
Birthday drinks at Brazz.

Howdy Neighbour
Bad Fairy
The Voice of the People
A brisk walk around Lake Hayes on a Friday morning followed by a coffee at the Walnut Cottage for old times' sake.

Mischievous Minx
As part of my payment for writing sketches for the Chinese Village Theatre for Arrowtown's 150th anniversary celebrations, I was accommodated at Millbrook Resort, so my sister and I availed ourselves of the facilities.

The Weevil with champagne
Back home, I made sticky lemon shortbread (with lots of lemons, sugar, icing sugar and butter) and took it to rehearsals to keep up our strength (and calories)!

Sticky lemon nonsense

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