Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Canberra Botanic Gardens

When rehearsing for a play, I spend an inordinate amount of time indoors, so try to go for short walks and clear my mind. A stroll through the Canberra Botanic Gardens was a perfect way to get some air.

The flower of a Banksia shrub
Golden wattle
I liked the Australian water dragons who scuttle about the place looking grumpy but quite cute!

The crimson rosellas aren't considered exotic here, but I'm still impressed with their plummage.

Shaking his tail feathers


  1. my boys would be crazy for your Australian water dragons, Kate. They just love lizards and iguanas. My fave photo is the first of the water dragon series: he looks seriously peeved at you for taking his picture!

  2. I know, I love these little guys. Some wildlife in this country that isn't going to kill you!