Saturday, November 17, 2012

House and Garden

Some sort of eucalyptus flower in the garden
Due to several house moves, raucous parties, guests and an inquisitive cat (we blame him anyway), we no longer have any matching wine glasses. While we are particularly fond of our eclectic collection, I reckon that to ‘John Hague’ these vessels – pouring out accurate and even amounts (without the assistance of a measuring device) – must be very difficult. I imagine it would be his worst nightmare.

Equal measures in the wine glasses
As rehearsals increase in intensity and frequency, it is important to eat well, and to make lots of tasty treats to take along to keep us all motivated.

Mexican almond cookies
Quick Tahi poached chicken salad
We have a plum tree in our back garden, much to the delight of the sulphur-crested cockatoos who have stripped all the fruit from the branches. They like to crack open the seeds at this stage, but the fruit is not yet ripe enough for us to harvest it, so they get first pick, and now there are none left!

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