Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Christmas!

Apparently when my super-in-law asked if I could get some crackers to have at Christmas she didn't mean (as I thought) the ones that go with wine and cheese. She meant the ones that go bang when you pull them and contain bad jokes and paper hats.

So Him Outddors and I made some. Beside the little gifts (miniatures for the men; lipgloss for the ladies; bubble-bath animals for the children) I wrote out bad jokes on pieces of paper, on the back of which was a number. I then piled up our hats and whatever order they were in corresponded to a number.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't ideal, but it provided a solution and some entertaining Christmas dinner photos.

Ice-cream terrine: Aussie-style Christmas pudding
'There's something wrong with this glass'
And of course we had to play charades.

It's a film
First word
See, Him Outdoors, I told you charades was fun.
Losing count of syllables
Serious stuff - is it Spock or Scouts?

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  1. Love to see how Paul's kids have grown. And your hat idea was truly an eco-friendly inspiration, Kate!