Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Christmas Book Tree

As my nephew and niece are coming for Christmas (with their parents, might I add), it is essential for us to have a Christmas tree, and Him Outdoors can't complain about it - hurrah! I stole this idea from a photo, and as I had piles of books lying about, it provided a festive solution to my tidying up problems.

Him Outdoors erected the structure with his engineering skills, while I supervised (by which I mean I drank wine and pointed at things). Yes, Weevil, finally I got the chance to be Queenie. He then wrapped the flashing LED lights around it and I took photographic evidence.

My wooden ornamental William Shakespeare is our book fairy/ tree angel (whichever you prefer), but he needed a Santa hat to fully look the part.


  1. Love this tree! What a great idea, Kate. Truly an original—like you.

  2. I have to confess it wasn't my original idea, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. And on Twelfth Night when we had to take all the decorations down, we played giant Jenga with it. After about half a dozen goes each, I lost and the tower came crashing down. The offending book? 'The Invisible Crying Tree'. Books: the gift that keeps on giving!

    Happy New Year to all
    Kate x