Monday, April 1, 2013

Mt Kosciuszko

The real reason we went to Jindabyne was to climb Mt Kosciuszko. the highest peak in Australia. Admittedly at 2,228m it's not actually all that high, and its shape is not all that distinctive, but it is a landmark and the whole of the Snowy Mountain area is very beautiful. We walked the 22km Main Ridge Track.

Snowy River

Ram's Head Range

Seamans Hut in the distance

Seamans Hut

Mt Kosciuszko

Standing on top of Down Under

Lake Albina

Mt Kosciuszko

Alpine wolf spider - pretty isn't it? I saw several. They are venomous and chase their prey. I didn't know that at the time, or I might not have got so close...

Carruthers Peak

On the top of Mt Townsend - Australia's second highest mountain - looking back towards Mt Kosciuszko

Blue Lake

Hedley Tarn

The confluence of the Snowy River and Club Lake Creek

Beautiful patterns of snowy gum trees

The next day we went for a relaxing drink at the Snowy Vineyard and Microbrewery in Dalgety. We felt we had deserved it. I realised quite how much exposure we had suffered - look how pink we are! The sunburn pain over the next few days was immense, not to say blistering. Ouch!

On the way home, we passed this roadside sculpture by Richard Moffat in the Cooma wilderness. I love it! It rounded off our weekend nicely. Do you see what I did there?

Large steel ball by Richard Moffat

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