Monday, April 15, 2013

Chris and Emma's wedding

A wonderful day in Arrowtown for the wedding of good friends CJD and EmC on his farm. I was not official wedding photographer today, but everything was just so spectacular, I couldn't help myself from taking pictures of it all.

Us, dressed up


The men of the bridal party arriving in the tractor bucket - tractor driven by CJD.

EmC arriving by helicopter

Land here, please!

Chopper, tractor and soon-to-be-bride: the loves of CJD's life

EmC driving the female contingent of the bridal party

Getting wed beneath the buckets

Best man's reading

'I can't get the ring on!'

Chief bridesmaid's reading

Put it there

Signing the register

And who is this handsome chap?

It seems I spoke too soon

The wine was symbolic - a specific blend of varieties that symbolised their individual qualities

The groom's wellies

Him Outdoors brewed some special beers as a wedding gift

The reception was held in the woolshed - it scrubbed up well!

Spik and Him Outdoors behind the bar? That's just asking for trouble!

Squirt looking effortlessly gorgeous

Back from the photo-shoot. I guess EmC is now the EmD

'Show us your wellies, love!'

Kate Blackhurst has champagne - funny that

Pavlova decorations - how cute are they?

Speech from the father of the bride

Twilight - it's been a long and fabulous day

Yes, that is a 'something blue' clothes peg in his pocket

Pegging up the dress - classy!

Best first dance ever!

Next day we attended a wonderfully relaxed barbequeue at the woolshed with roast sheep and ham and the most amazing salads and other accompaniments. Kiwi farmers certainly eat well!

CJD's wedding present to his bride was horse riding lessons - she's always wanted to learn, apparently, although perhaps not quite so publicly.

I'm sure there's something wrong with this picture!

And just when we thought she'd got the hang of it...

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  1. Wonderful, Kate. We have had so many pictures that we have been overwhelmed and not printed any yet! I would just love access to these photos as they sum up succinctly a memorable day. Kate Carpenter (Em's Mum)