Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I have hurt my back (stupid 10km races on road!) and am hobbling and wincing with movement in that tragic 'Yes, I'm over forty now - laugh all you want but it will happen to you one day' way, so we chose the woodland loop from these enticing options.

Gudgenby Hut is an 1845 slab hut recently rebuilt as an interpretive shelter. Originally one of the ACT's oldest European structures, constructed by Scottish immigrant Charles McKeahnie, the hut was dismantled in 1964 and the timber slabs were stored in a shipping container. The hut was rebuilt using the salvaged materials of the original edifice and traditional methods and building techniques carried out by the rangers at Namadgi National Park. 

Interpretive panels, photographs and audio stories tell the tales of the early settlers. The new technology contrasts with the skills used by pioneering families before electricity, to overcome challenges such as managing stock, extreme weather, isolation, transport, schooling and medical help.

Gudgenby Hut

Original timber slabs from the hut, covered in newspapers

Long-necked turtles peeking out of the pond

There is a dodgy little bridge along Smiths Road. Even children know it is not safe to speed over it!


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