Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Day and Boxing Day in Perth

Christmas Day at the Hagues' began with a walk along their very own (well, it's just over the road from their house, anyway) beach.

Mr Smartypants and Scarey Sis on City Beach on Christmas Day morning
The Hoggy Body Surfing Monster
And back to the house for Christmas dinner eaten al fresco. The dinner was delicious, but I haven't got any pictures of it. I did manage to take a quick photo of this perfect pavlova for Christmas pudding before it was demolished!

Christmas Pavlova Pudding
The hat idea from last year was requested again, so in our homemade crackers (made with my able niebling assistants) we had numbers which were assigned to the pile of hats, comprising laurel wreath, rasta and fright wig, and hats for magicians, soldiers, dinosaurs and cowboys, with the following results.

In the evening we tasted some beer made by Him Outdoors and brought along as Christmas presents.

Scarey's Dark Mild
Timmy's Oaty Stout Goodness
Super-in-law's Bluebeery Wheat (she likes it really)
Hoggy's Blijlevens Belgian Ale
Our final day with the family was spent at a Boxing Day picnic at Point Resolution with bubbles and cricket - just as it should be.

Food preparation
Wine preparation
There's always one grumpy old git at the Christmas festivities
And so the cricket match progressed in great style...

...and the spectators were thrilled with every toss of the ball and twitch of the bat.


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