Monday, December 16, 2013

Step back in time: Chiltern and Glenrowan

Driving between Canberra and Melbourne, we stopped off at Chiltern, Victoria, a small historic town built on its gold-mining history and distinguished by its carefully preserved buildings and streetscapes. 

I played with the nostalgic look of the town with these photos. I love the lines, shapes and shadows. And, yes, I have got a thing about doors.

I posted some of my Christmas letters from this post box, so I hope it still works!

And now for something completely different... Glenrowan. Once a quiet little hamlet and a stopover point, the town became (in)famous after bushranger Ned Kelly made his last stand here and was captured  in 1880 after a siege and shootout with police. 

The freedom fighter/ murdering thief (depending on your viewpoint) is celebrated with a range of tacky statues and gift-ware. If you want Ned Kelly keyrings, coasters and pens, Glenrowan is the the town for you.

While this sign is totally irrelevant, but I liked it, for obvious reasons...

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