Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mornington Peninsula

The day before New Year's Eve, we had a relaxing day driving down to the Mornington Peninsula with friends. We started at Sorrento, which supposedly has a rich history and is believed to be the first European settlement in Victorian. Now it seems the beach is all that holds anyone's interest.

For us, however, it was all about the wineries. We began with The Cups Estate, where a charming old gent talked us through the wines as we tasted various examples. 

Wine tasting at The Cups Estate
The Irish Red tasting the pink
Our next stop was Red Hill Estate, where we tried the wines, picked a favourite and had a glass each while sharing a picnic platter on the lawns.
Red Hill Estate
The Sassy Blonde and the Irish Red
And for a break from wine, we visited the Red Hill Brewery - an independent microbrewery with some spectacular beers. The Temptation and the Wheat Beer were my favourites of the afternoon.

Where the important stuff happens
Him Outdoors with Tasting Tray
Sassy Blonde with wheat beer

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